The Amaryllis bulb is the perfect holiday decoration in the house. It’s organic hue is a wonderful conversation piece. We have some amazing Van Bloem bulbs at the house. Stop in and take a look.

Forcing bulbs indoors can provide a glimpse of sunshine throughout the house no matter the weather. We have imported bulbs from holland that have received their “resting” period and are ready for your enjoyment! Our favorites are paperwhites and amaryllis  (look for “green envy” for a new color in specialty amaryllis) these can be potted in soil (my fav) or set in rocks to start the growing process.

Many ask if light is required, warmth is all that is needed to bring on the blooms.this makes flowering bulbs an ideal gift for home or office!

Great for teachers, colleagues. mom, dad, sister & brother.

Holiday greetings,


Mary Ginocchio Mulberry and Lime Lexington KY