What a good feeling to be greeted by this lovely bloom when I arrived to work this am.

Front door unlocked (check), rugs on the front line (check), front porch display (check), light bulb change (check), south room …wait a minute!  turn the lights on and take in this apple blossom 42cm Amaryllis from our friend Dolf. Dolf calls us every July to review our successes, talk over new varieties and guarantee a bright winter with indoor blooms.

This year Dolf held true to form and we are pleased we invested in the larger bulbs.  5 blooms on this plant now, with 3-4 more stalks on the horizon.  2+ months of enjoyment with this bulb now, and with care, more years to come!

What better gift for the holidays?

but wait…this morning I enjoyed my latest purchase from our friends at Middle Kingdom.
This cachepot is the perfect container for many things including kitchen utensils.

photo 2
Designed by Bo Jia and fired in MK’s own kiln, this porcelain piece is a great marriage of form and function.
$38 for a household item fit for traditional to contemporary lifestyles.  More colors available.
Thank you Allison and Bo we love your beautiful collection!