Oh, the Joys of Aging!

Every 8 seconds, someone turns 40. Eyes over the age of 40 begin to lose their flexibility which makes focusing at close range more difficult. No, you don’t need longer arms, more light or a menu written in larger type. It’s called presbyopia, and no amount of diet, exercise, cryogenics or gypsy youth potion will stave off this condition. We hate to break it to you, but reading glasses are inevitable.

Please join us this week as we showcase the fall line of eyebobs and catch a first glimpse of collection:

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Now the Good News…

You are not stuck with your aunt Ethyl’s cheaters. You are not doomed to wander the racks of drugstore readers in search of the least offensive pair. You are not condemned to wear glasses that scream, “Get off my lawn, you whippersnappers!” Consider this: reading glasses are an opportunity to express yourself.

So Who Do You Want To Be?

There’s an eyebobs style to suit every mood, from cool and classic to big, bold and bright. We’ve got sunreaders to keep you looking stylish while reading outdoors. You can even convert your eyebobs into prescription eyewear. Change your glasses and change everything. Because eyewear should make a statement; yours requires an exclamation point.

Eyebobs History

Somewhere on the other side of 40, Julie Allinson found herself in need of reading glasses. With the help of her optician friend (and future design collaborator) she set out to find the perfect pair. After carefully selecting her ideal frames, the final total left her with the type of sticker shock usually associated with a luxury sports car purchase or hotel mini-bar tab. A frugal farm girl at heart, Julie couldn’t bear the thought of spending the GDP of a small country on an item that would inevitably end up lodged between the sofa cushions. When she inquired about a more reasonably priced alternative, she was directed to the rack at the local drugstore. The memory of what she saw there haunts her to this day…

As a successful woman with carefully curated personal style, didn’t her eyes deserve better? And there it was, her ‘a ha’ moment. If what she was looking for didn’t exist, then she would just have to make it. Allinson quickly left her job at a children’s clothing company and set to work with a singular vision: to create a line of distinctive, high-quality reading glasses for people like her, the irreverent and slightly jaded.

Since starting eyebobs in 2001, that vision has become an all-consuming passion. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Allinson and her dedicated team of optical misfits live to outfit the eyes of the smart, sarcastic and style conscious among us. Frames range from buttoned up conservative to avant garde, each crafted with exceptional quality and a dose of Allinson’s signature wit and style. eyebobs were created for the square pegs. The black sheep. The people who dare to be unapologetically themselves. Put them on and you will get noticed. Wallflowers need not apply.